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北京赛车pk10投注app:The development of military and civilian integration and then welcome the positive concept of plate continued strong

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内容摘要: Recently, the 19th Plenary Session of the Central Military and Citizens Integration Development Committee was held. The meeting reviewed an...

Recently, the 19th Plenary Session of the Central Military and Citizens Integration Development Committee was held. The meeting reviewed and approved the Outline for the Strategy for the Integration of Civil and Military Development, the Work Points for the Central Military and Civilian Integration and Development Commission in 2018, Implementation Plan "and the first batch of innovative demonstration area construction list. This is yet another deployment of the integration of military and civilian development following the "Circular on Carrying out the Cleanup of Legislative Documents on the Development of Civil and Military Integration" and the "Opinions on Promoting the In-depth Development of National Defense Science and Technology Industrial Integration." In addition, China plans to launch a space station test core module around 2020 to verify key technologies for space station construction.


CSCW pointed out that the current military sector valuation level dropped significantly, the configuration value highlights, we firmly believe that 2018 military sector investment opportunities. From the perspective of fundamental factors, the impact of the military system reform on the construction of weapons and equipment has been basically eliminated, and the order compensation effect in the relevant fields has been remarkably significant. Affected by the increase in U.S. military expenditures, the national defense budget growth rate will rebound to 7.3% -7.5% Military research institutes restructuring or 2018 will further achieve a breakthrough, civil-military integration, mixed reform, military pricing mechanism and other reforms will also be ordered to advance.


SWA level defense defense industry index trends:


Military industry is a very clear policy-driven sector. From a macro perspective, the policy of military and civilian integration has strongly supported share prices and the recognition of investors is high. The fund for the military, military and civilian integration projects has recently gained good returns. UBS SDIC national security hybrid (001,838) shares , heavily loaded straight in SAC , Aviation Electrical other well-known military stocks. Wells Fargo Securities military Index classification (161 024) holds China Heavy , Hangfa power AVIC Aircraft and other ,, easy Fang Dajun Grading (502,003) shares without similar.


military thematic funds

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Fund Code fund referred nearly a week fee operating
001838 UBS SDIC national security mixed 10.17% 1.50% 0.15% Buy Open an Account Buy
502003 Yifangda Military Classification 7_89456_78_65 473_96.94% 1.00 % 0.10% purchase account purchase
161024 Wells Fargo Securities military Index classification 6.81% 1.20 % 0.12% purchase account purchase
163115 Shen Wan Ling letter grade index card military 6.65% 1 .00% 0.10% Buy Open an Account Buy
Source: Oriental Wealth Choice Data , Galaxy Securities, Due 2018-03-02\n?\n?\n?

Risk Warning:


This report is published by the Orient Securities Institute based on the market open data, for information purposes only, the Orient Institute of Wealth Securities can not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the data. The contents of the report do not represent the views of the Fund every day, does not constitute investment advice, investors operate accordingly, at your own risk. Market risk, the investment need to be cautious. Shanghai Orient Securities Co., Ltd.





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